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Online Money Income In recent years, the virtual currency born in the Internet world has attracted more and more attention. Virtual currency uses computer technology and communication technology as a means,Online Money Income is stored in a digital form in the network or related electronic equipment, and is transmitted through the network system to achieve circulation and payment functions. It has no physical form, is not issued by the monetary authority, and has a limited range of use. Initially, virtual currency can only purchase virtual goods on the Internet, such as equipment and clothing in online games. But at present, the types of virtual currencies are becoming more and more abundant, such as Q coins, Baidu coins, and Shanda points coupons. The scope of use also exceeds the scope of virtual goods. They can be used to purchase some physical objects. There are even many special virtual currencies and legal instruments. For the two-way currency exchange website, it seems that virtual currency has gradually become a circulated exchange unit. Among them, Bitcoin, which appeared in 2009, has the fastest development and the most extensive influence, and its use has penetrated from the Internet to the real world.

Online Money Income Bitcoin has the characteristics of virtual currency without physical form,Online Money Income  digital storage and payment, but also features that traditional virtual currency does not have: no centralized issuer, limited number, complete anonymity, and untraceable transactions. In 2013, my country's "BTC China" website became the world's largest Bitcoin trading platform. The rapid development of Bitcoin has triggered people's thinking about whether virtual currency is a real currency. Some people think that the emergence of Bitcoin is a huge challenge to the current monetary system,Online Money Income  and some even call it "the gold of the future." On December 5, 2013, five ministries including the People's Bank of China jointly issued the "Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Risks" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), stating that Bitcoin is a specific virtual commodity, not a real currency . Since then, the price of Bitcoin in the Chinese market has fallen rapidly, falling by about 60% in three weeks, and it has also fallen sharply in the international market. In fact, from the perspective of the essential characteristics of currency and its development history, the virtual currency represented by Bitcoin is not essentially currency, nor can it become a currencyOnline Money Income .

Online Money Income The article mentioned that the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau stated: "We have maintained high pressure on the financial management departments,Online Money Income  network telecommunication management departments, and public security departments in the jurisdiction of virtual currency transactions, ICOs and disguised ICOs, and comprehensively used on-site appointments.Online Money Income The person in charge said that according to the current regulatory rules, no person or institution may promote related virtual currency projects or platforms, or conduct virtual currency business sales or transactions, and shall not Investors carrying out virtual currency transactions or trading in disguised forms shall not engage in or act as agents for domestic and overseas virtual currency issuance transactions. Financial institutions and non-bank payment institutions shall not provide services for any virtual currency transaction transactions.

Online Money Income The article also mentioned that Li Dongrong, President of the China Internet Finance Association, said: “The maturity of the various components of the blockchain is different. Different financial scenarios have different requirements for the security and functions of the blockchain. Take the opportunity to spot hot spots, or add their own things."

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